14 agosto 2011

Nova casa aqui (New house here):

03 agosto 2011

The Cutler - The Cutler

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop, breakbeat

The Cutler - Stiletto

The Cutler download (FLAC)

Jaffa - Echoes

Género: Downtempo, electropop

Jaffa - An echo (Remains free)

Echoes download

Jean-Baton - bAllAd

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop

Jean-Baton - Lullaby

bAllAd download

Hologram Dagger - Beneath the above

Género: Intrumental hip-hop & trip-hop

Hologram Dagger - Beneath the above (preview)

Beneath the above download

Shiny Radio - Легенда

Género: Instrumental hip-hop & trip hop, breakbeat

Shiny Radio - Огни

Легенда download

Benet - Flora y fauna

Género: Downtempo

Benet - Trap

Flora y fauna download

Blue Suede Through - Blue Suede Through

Género: Downtempo, electro blues, trip-hop

Blue Suede Through - The boss o' nova

Blue Suede Through download

Little Dragon - Ritual union

Género: Electrónica, electropop

Little Dragon - Ritual union

Ritual union download

PKarel - Urban symphony

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop

PKarel - Oxygene

Urban symphony download

Watine - Still grounds for love

Género: Indie, folk

Watine - The story of that girl

Still grounds for love download

Suicide Sports Club - Electric mistress

Género: Electrónica, new wave, electro

Suicide Sports Club - I don't know

Electric mistress download

Hammurapi - Through the glass

Género: Ambiente, downtempo, easy listening

Hammurapi - Through the glass (preview)

Through the glass download

Blue Lunar Monkey - Here & now

Género: Downtempo, ambiente, dub

Blue Lunar Monkey - We are connected (feat. Wendy Stock)

Here & now download

Bonnie - Crossover

Género: Trip-hop, electrónica

Bonnie - Crossover (preview)

Crossover download

Pallers - The sea of memories

Género: Downtempo, dreampop, synthpop

Pallers - Come rain, come sunshine

The sea of memories download

Phaeleh - The cold in you

Género: Dubstep

Phaeleh - The cold in you (feat. Soundmouse)

The cold in you download

Stereo MCs - Emperors nightingale

Género: Electrónica, breakbeat

Stereo MCs - Boy

Emperors nightingale download

Windsurf - Coastlines

Género: Downtempo, leftfield, ambiente

Windsurf - Pocket check

Coastlines download

Beef Terminal - Humidex

Género: Electrónica, ambiente

Beef Terminal - Different time

Humidex download

Firefox AK - Color the trees

Género: Electropop

Firefox AK - My sister and i

Color the trees download

Fredrik – Flora

Género: Indie, electrónica, experimental

Fredrik - Chrome Cavities

Flora download

15 julho 2011

Hugo Kant - I don't want to be an emperor

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo

Hugo Kant - I don't want to be an emperor

I don't want to be an emperor download

Cyesm - Outsider

Género: Trip-hop

Cyesm - Melody o melody

Outsider download

Soulstice - In the light

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo

Soulstice - Love cliche

In the light download

Govinda - Amethyst noise

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop

Govinda - Use to go

Amethyst noise download

Benji Boko - Beats, treats & all things unique

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop, electrónica, funk

Benji Boko Feat. Maxi Jazz - Where my heart is

Beats, treats & all things unique download

Emorej - Listen! / More Emorej

Género: Downtempo, lounge, electropop

Emorej - More Emorej (Preview)

Listen! download; More Emorej download

All India Radio – Free me

Género: Downtempo, electrónica, ambiente

All India Radio - The end or near (The Bomb Mix)

Free me download

V.A. - Tango chill sessions Vol.1 / Vol.2

Género: Downtempo, electro-tango

Style Project - Libertango

Tango chill sessions Vol.1 download; Vol.2 download

Blithe Field - Two hearted

Género: Electrónica, ambiente, downtempo

Blithe Field - Crushing

Two hearted download

Nitin Sawhney - Last days of meaning

Género: Electrónica, world, louge, downtempo

Nitin Sawhney - The devil and midnight (feat. Yolanda Quartey)

Last days of meaning download

Nuuro - All clear

Género: IDM, downtempo

Nuuro - Waiting

All clear download

Computer - Give me a frame

Género: Electropop, indietrónica

Computer - Trophy

Give me a frame download

Color Theory - The sound

Género: Electropop

Color Theory - Song named after a girl

The sound download

Pogo - Wonderpuff

Género: Trip-hop, electrónica, IDM

Pogo - Wonderpuff (preview)

Wonderpuff download

Arze Kareem - Akstrumentals Vol.1+2

Género: Downtempo, instrumental hip-hop

Arze Kareem - Free-Kah

Akstrumentals Vol.1+2 download

Alex Clare - The lateness of the hour

Género: Electrónica, dubstep, soul, pop

Alex Clare - Treading Water

The lateness of the hour download

7even Sun - Another dimension

Género: Instrumental hip-hop

7even Sun - Levitation

Another dimension download

30 junho 2011

J.Viewz - Rivers and homes

Género: Electrónica, trip-hop

J.Viewz - Come back down (feat. Joshua James)

Rivers and homes download

Polymyth - Steliograph

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop

Polymyth - Voyeur's view

Steliograph download (FLAC)

Giacomo - Patchwork

Género: Downtempo

Giacomo - Three Times

Patchwork download

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond mine

Género: Indie folk

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Bubble

Diamond mine download

B_Side - Smooth season

Género: trip-hop

B_SIDE - Stop silence

Smooth season download

David Vangel - Breadth control

Género: Broken beat, trip-hop

David Vangel - Sandpaper script

Breadth control download

Weathertunes - Passions

Género: Lounge, downtempo

Weathertunes - Passion

Passions download

Legoboy - Black box from your plane

Género: Downtempo, electropop

Lego Boy feat. Gad - Dog with a gun

Black box from your plane download

Mellow - Another mellow spring

Género: Downtempo, electropop

Mellow - Instant love

Another mellow spring download

Marian – Only our hearts to lose

Género: Electrónica, electropop

Marian - For you

Only our hearts to lose download

Emancipator - Remixes

Género: Electrónica, trip-hop, downtempo

Emancipator - Black lake (Emancipator remix)

Remixes download

ill.Gates - Schmunday school

Género: Downtempo, idm

ill.Gates - Spread ego (feat. Mycho Pan Cho Cho)

Schmunday school download


Género: Electrónica

SBTRKT - Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon)

SBTRKT download

Mathemagic – II

Género: Indietrónica, electropop

Mathemagic - Breaststroke II

II download

Eleven Tigers - 111

Género: Electrónica, experimental, ambiente

Eleven Tigers - Love

111 download

Cassettes Won't Listen - Evinspacey

Género: Indietrónica

Cassettes Won't Listen - Perfect day

Evinspacey download

Ada – Meine zarten pfoten

Género: Indietrónica, lounge

Ada - Likely

Meine zarten pfoten download

25 junho 2011

Thievery Corporation - Culture of fear

O novíssimo dos Thievery Corporation já a rodar por aqui. Culture of fear a uma primeira audição parece-me muito bom.

Culture of fear download

14 junho 2011

Submotion Orchestra - Finest hour

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop, dubstep

Submotion Orchestra - Finest hour

Finest hour download

Jeffo's Dream - To last innocent faces

Género: Trip-hop, electro

Jeffo's Dream - Twilight

To last innocent faces download

Trog'low - Mellow feats

Género: Downtempo, hip-hop instrumental

Trog'low - [intransit]

Mellow feats download

Serengeti - Family & friends

Género: Hip-hop, indie, lo-fi

Serengeti feat. Yoni Wolf - Family & friends

Family & friends download

30 maio 2011

The Qiwu Selftet - Travelling arrière

Género: Trip-hop, hip-hop jazz instrumental

The Qiwu Selftet - Douce amertume

Travelling arrière download

Moth Equals - The fall and rise

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo

Moth Equals - Damn fine

The fall and rise download

Second Sky - The art of influence

Género: Downtempo

Second Sky - Too Far

The art of influence download

Philter - The beautiful lies

Género: Downtempo, electrónica

Philter - Revolver

The beautiful lies download

Second Person - Come to dust

Género: Trip-hop

Second Person - Gone fishing

Come to dust download

Nym - Warm blooded lizard

Género: Trip-hop, hip-hop instrumental

Nym - The ballad of Dylan Owen

Warm blooded lizard download

13 & God - Own your ghost

Género: electrónica indie/hip-hop

13 & God - Death major

Own your ghost download

Vespertina - The waiting wolf

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo, neo folk

Vespertina - Hugo

The waiting wolf download

Kid Loco - Confessions of a belladonna eater

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo, indie

Kid Loco - The morning after

Confessions of a belladonna eater download

Solasoap - That feeling

Género: Downtempo, lounge

Solasoap - Right away

That feeling download

Tracing Arcs - Fin

Género: Trip-hop

Tracing Arcs - Animals

Fin download

Emou - Apres midi

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop

Emou - Do the livin'

Apres midi download (FLAC)

Master Class (Discography)

Género: Downtempo, hip-hop jazz instrumental

Master Class - Grotesque Butterfly

Discography download

Lorbi - Ring

Género: Trip-hop, experimental

Lorbi - Neon

Ring download

Stac – Turn that light out: The remixes Vol.1 / Vol.2

Género: Electrónica, downtempo, electro-jazz

Stac - Head on me (Part Time Heroes remix)

Turn that light out: The remixes Vol.1 download; Vol.2 download

Swing Republic - Electro Swing Republic

Género: Electro-swing

Swing Republic feat. Bing Crosby - On the downbeat

Electro Swing Republic download

Shag - Separation

Género: Hip-hop instrumental

Shag - Standing by yourself

Separation download

Glass Gifts - Glass Gifts

Género: Hop-hop instrumental

Glass Gifts Live Remix 1

Glass Gifts download

Junior Boys - It's all true

Género: Electrónica, synthpop, indie

Junior Boys - You'll improve me

It's all true download

Amor Electro - Cai o Carmo e a Trindade

Género: Electro-pop

Amor Electro - A máquina

Cai o Carmo e a Trindade download

10 maio 2011

I'm back

Blue Sky Black Death - Noir

Género: Downtempo, trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop

Blue Sky Black Death - Gold in, gold out

Noir download

Arms And Sleepers - The organ hearts

Género: Trip-hop

Arms and Sleepers - A smile in sofia

The organ hearts download

Adani & Wolf - Into the outback

Género: Downtempo, electro-jazz

Adani & Wolf - Speak

Into the outback download

40 Winks - It's the trip

Género: Downtempo

40 Winks - Outside the box

It's the trip download

Captain AdHoc & The Sporadic Sinners - No feature

Género: Electropop, trip-hop

Captain AdHoc & The Sporadic Sinners - Purring beast

No feature download

Unforscene – Return of the wob

Género: Broken beat, future jazz, downtempo

Unforscene - Switchin' it on (feat. Laura Vane)

Return of the wob download

Jewellers - Sleep education

Género: trip-hop, downntempo, electrónica

Jewellers - Light leave me

Sleep education download

Cybo - Echoespond

Género: Downtempo, idm

Cybo - End.Save.Replace

Echoespond download

Serafim Tsotsonis - Beautiful people

Género: Nu jazz, deep house

Serafim Tsotsonis - My own sea

Beautiful people download

Mozez - Time out

Género: Downtempo

Mozez - Time out (album preview)

Time out download

Jae Moon - It's all good, baby

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo

Jae Moon - Memorise / Advertise

It's all good, baby download

Anarom - Caterpillar roll

Género: Downtempo, idm

Anarom - Animatronic dinosaur

Caterpillar roll download

Decò - So beautiful

Género: Downtempo, nu jazz

Deco - Dr. Albert

So beautiful download parte1; parte2
Password: http://www.maxalbums.com

Gushi & Raffunk - Eyes

Género: Downtempo, lounge

Gushi & Raffunk - Travel

Eyes download

Vista Le Vie - A futuristic family film

Género: Downtempo

Vista Le Vie - Crime in stereo (feat. Black Sifichi)

A futuristic family film download

Joash - Don't fear it, fight it

Género: Downtempo

Joash - Climb (feat. Aaron David Frith)

Don't fear it, fight it download

Karsh Kale - Cinema

Género: Electrónica, downtempo, ambiente

Karsh Kale – Cinema

Cinema download

Sphere - Closer

Género: Lounge

Sphere - Dreamer

Closer download

Moon Prototype - Remixes

Género: Trip-hop, electrónica

Thot - Twin (Moon Prototype remix)

Remixes download

The Echocentrics - Sunshadows

Género: Downtempo, funk, latina

Ecocentrics - It's not too late (feat. Natalia Clavier)

Sunshadows download

Faro - Dreaming in orange

Género: Lounge, chillout, downtempo

Faro - Shadows

Dreaming in orange download

Gosprom - 20

Género: Trip-hop, electro-jazz

Gosprom - 20

20 download

Zakora - Autumn ...Or three months of silence

Género: trip-hop, breakbeat

Zakora - Autumn

Autumn ...Or three months of silence download

Young Montana? – Limerence

Género: Electronic, experimental, glitch

Young Montana? - Sacré cool

Limerence download

Ben Benjamin - For long drives and temporary diversions

Género: Electrónica, instrumental, idm, ambiente

Ben Benjamin - Never gets easier

For long drives and temporary diversions download

Son Lux - We are rising

Género: Indietrónica, trip-hop, experimental

Son Lux - All the right things

We are rising download

TransGlobal Underground – Moonshout

Género: Chillout, electrónica, world

TransGlobal Underground - Emotional yoyo

Moonshout download

Ultra·Living - Monochromatic adventure

Género: trip-hop, downtempo, drum and bass

Ultra·Living - Homesick

Monochromatic adventure download

Hubtone - Interiors

Género: Downtempo

Hubtone - Wayback

Interiors download

Clan Greco - Musical fitness / Brassisity

Género: Downtempo, acid jazz, drum and bass

Clan Greco - Rotation

Musical fitness download; Brassisity download

MikTek – Anisotropy

Género: Downtempo, lounge

Miktek - Never to be found

Anisotropy download

Riovolt - Digital audio bossa

Género: Electrobossa, lounge, drum and bass

Riovolt - Sidewalk samba (feat. Jù Cassou)

Digital audio bossa download

Lefu - Metamorphosis

Género: Lounge, chill house

Lefu - Raindrops

Metamorphosis download

Madrid - Original message

Género: Electropop, indietrónica

Madrid - Iron ways

Original message download

Shine 2009 - Realism

Género: Electropop, lounge

Shine 2009 - So free (feat. Paula Abdul)

Realism download

Miracle Fortress - Was i the wave?

Género: Electropop, indietrónica

Miracle Fortress - Raw spectacle

Was i the wave? download

The Crystalline Effect - Identity

Género: Downtempo, electro, trip-hop

The Crystalline Effect - Blue sea

Identity download

Project Jenny, Project Jan - Home sweet home

Género: Electrónica, indie pop

Project Jenny, Project Jan - Lucky me

Home sweet home download

Whomadewho - Knee deep

Género: Electrónica, indietrónica

WhoMadeWho - Every minute alone

Knee deep download

Felix Zenger - Wont say a thing

Género: Electrónica, hip-hop, experimental

Felix Zenger - Pitkät päivät täällä (feat. Asa & Kari Tapio)

Wont say a thing download

15 abril 2011

Black Glass - Holy rain

Género: Trip-hop

Black Glass - Ghost talk

Holy rain download

Chinese Man - Racing with the sun

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo, dub, hip-hop

Chinese Man - Saudade

Racing with the sun download

Sally Doherty - Electric butterfly

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo, jazz

Sally Doherty - One Day

Electric butterfly download

Daizy - The daizy factory

Género: Downtempo

Daizy - Once upon a time

The daizy factory download

Mycophile - Snail fever in a flawed system

Género: Trip-hop, downtempo, electrónica

Mycophile - Flawed system

Snail fever in a flawed system download
ifolder tutorial

Intended Immigration - Sneak peek passport

Género: Downtempo, lounge

Intended Immigration - Una cartina

Sneak peek passport download (FLAC)

Blackmill - Reach for glory

Género: Dubstep, downtempo

Blackmill Feat. Lollievox - Journey's end

Reach for glory download

N.O.H.A. - Die in the Process

Género: Drum and bass, electrónica, acid jazz

N.O.H.A. - Die in the Process

Die in the Process download

Dirty Honkers - Death by swing

Género: Electro-swing

Dirty Honkers - Milk'n'honey

Death by swing download

Xylos - Xylos

Género: Indietrónica

Xylos - Not enough

Xylos download

Input & Broken - Left for dead

Download: Hip-hop

Input & Broken - Left for dead

Left for dead download

08 abril 2011

Video trip #11

Do álbum Tantale, o primeiro single Ce soir, dos Monogrenade.

Monogrenade - Ce soir

Tantale download

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